What am I grateful for?

Having a southern styled Christmas lunch, moisturising my face, praying, having a good meal, taking movical, doing the dishes, SPENDING THE MORNING WITH KYFER AFTER HE CAME FROM DOING A MIDNIGHT SHIFT, wearing my sparkly top, feeling comfortable, wearing my dressing gown, deciding to buy a car, having a good meal, relaxing on the deck, enjoying the sunshine, sleeping, spending time with my nieces and nephews, having ice cream, folding my washing, my pain medication, having a bread roll and small coffee for breakfast, spreading Christmas wishes to my friends and family, friend chicken, knowing the side effects are easier to manage as I’ve gone through it before, accepting my new reality, planning my mum’s 60th, thinking about my sister’s 21st, listening to wham on Christmas listening to Boney M on Christmas, planning my Thursdays off, breathing and not being in too much pain, having a shower, drinking juice, figuring out my budgets, planning for the worst and hoping for the best, admin, learning, feedback, working with a great team, learning to relax.

Going out for Christmas dinner at Reece and Jins place, 10,000 steps, refilling and tidying the store, have a lovely muffin and coffee for brekkie, the uber driver that got me to hospital, the shower, sleeping, praying, my dress, my sneakers, my bag, fixing the admin at the store, my Upper Collins team!, laughter, an empty rubbish bin, clearing the changing room from most of the boxes, changing the windows, watching house get built, hugs, texting, my friends, my family, breathing, pain patches, MS Contin, colours, the Red album, sleeping on the train, quiches, Pringle’s, socks, making bed, my 25 pillows, blankets, cool air, my family, paying for my couch, accepting my reality-today, fijian music, my imagination, my strong headedness, my spirit, chemotherapy, nurses, my oncologist, Peter Mac, Glen 20, antibacterial wipes, a clear mind, my nieces and nephews, conversations, making new friends, being able to properly cross my legs, George Michael, Kylie Minogue- Magic!, scrap booking, my mum ❤, sunny days

Waking up early enough to have breakfast before work, taylor swift, machine massage thing, pain patches, ordine, pancakes, prayers, breathing, last day of work for the week, completing the admin, getting the store ready for Christmas eve and boxing day, courage, calmness, thinking logically, my hair-whatevers left of it, red, coffee, my weight stabilising, food, drink, water, adrenaline, energy, determination, achieving goals, calendars, Christmas, love

Getting to work early so I could catch up on some admin, coffee, croissants, eating 3 hot n spicy chicken pieces, my mum, my dad, my brother, my sisters, a big hug from my Aunty when I had my latest meltdown, cracker and avocado dip, Carrie Underwood, Spotify, kmart, my clothes, my hair, my mouthwash, the shower, my work mates, Woolworth, the POS system when it works, my colleagues for listening to me, to do lists, my Aunties, Uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews, Jesus, the bus driver and train driver that got me to work today, the windows I fall asleep on when I’m on the train, my headphones, my phone, my legs, my shoulders, my brain, the air conditioning, the reasonable customers, the printer, paper bags, messenger, random conversations, crying, resting, the massage machine, my feet, my boots, my belt, pain medication, fish oil tablets, Xarelto, Amoxycillin Taylor Swift, Steve Harvey, my faith, my courage, my strength, my stubbornness, my focus, my determination to live, the good Lord, my friends, my partner, eucalyptus spray, the phone charger, the silent alarm, laughter, keys, my bus card, my eyebrows, solo, the post office, catch, my health, sleep.

Breathing, having crackers this morning, making my bed, folding my washing, praying this morning, sleeping in, having a good shower, ironing my uniform, allowing myself to cry, making the bus even though I had to go back to get my boots, working, coffee, coffee, iced coffee, dinner with Kyfer last night, spending time with kyfer yesterday, dinner with my Aunty and cousin on Monday, choosing to live.

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