According to Wikipedia and Google, weaving is when “two distinct sets of yarn or threads are interlaced…to form a fabric or cloth”. This blog is a reflection of how I, internally and externally, weave together a life as colourful and lively as it can be. A life that for the past two years, is also battling stage 4 cancer. 

​This blog is about my life with cancer and learning to live with it. I was diagnosed with Appendiceal cancer in May, 2019. I’ve had  major surgery that has left a massive scar on my belly. I look like a human sacrifice survivor that escaped half way through the ritual because the wizard and their followers got distracted.

Since February 2020, I’ve done two chemotherapy treatments, a clinical trial and a short round of radiotherapy. During this time, the tumours have stabalised then spread throughout my bowel like a bad yoyo dieter. 

​This blog, like my journey, is a work in progress. Constantly weaving between the past, present and taking an educated guess on the future.