The interpretive dancing tumour. Expressing itself part #6,4326 (and counting)…

My Uncle said a beautiful prayer and said some lovely words. Then we discussed Christmas and how I was so happy to be around them. It was very humbling, emotional and beautiful.

After I got discharged, I went to NZ for a holiday and to see my family. I hadn’t seen them since April so I wanted to show them my scar. I was quite proud of my scar.

After I got back, I did follow up scans to see to see how my abdomen was going. They found there was still spots of tumour left in my bowel. Next stage was chemotherapy.

2019 became such a life changing year. I was forced to confront every aspect of myself- the good, bad and ugly. You can’t escape cancer either. Believe me, I’ve tried. 2019 started the worse time in my life, where I have constantly questioned the value of my existence. 2019 also created the greatest time of my life too. Nothing makes you feel more alive then knowing your own mortality. Ying and Yang, as they say.